I am one of the many people who live in Brighton and love carnivals regardless of where theyre organized. Brighton has its fair share of carnivals with themes ranging from modern arts, to music, film and food. I consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy all these in my hometown and I want to spread the word about such events that bring a bit of happiness in the life of so many people.

However, I wont limit myself to writing only about Brighton carnivals. I extended my view to the whole UK and beyond. If theres an interesting carnival worth your attention, you will read about it here. I will do my best to scour the web for the coolest carnivals that take place around this world. The focus will be on the UK, but this wont prevent me from going worldwide from time to time.

So, what exactly will you learn about each event? I will provide the date, time and location of the carnival, how to purchase tickets or whether the entry is free of charge, and what to expect to find at that carnival. I usually include some details people tend not to know about that specific event especially if it was organized many times before.

Apart from the actual information relevant to the carnival, you can also find a section with tips on things like what to wear or how to save money to pay for your travel expenses when going to a carnival abroad.

Also, dont miss the FAQ section. In fact, this is where youre supposed to start. Read the basics like how long before the carnival you should buy tickets and make hotel reservations, what to bring with you, what to keep an eye out for etc. This is the place where you learn how to become a true carnival goer.