Best Online Carnival Games Fun Games You can Play Online

Carnival games are like no other, as they can remind one of their childhood memories, or even help make new ones. Not everyone got a chance to visit a carnival as a child so playing a game, isolated from all the actual carnival noise can be very entertaining.

What kinds of carnival games can you expect to find online? Here is a list of the types that you can enjoy.


Whether youre playing slots as a pastime or you are actually interested in betting money, carnival-themed slots are all over the internet. It is just such a colorful experience which casinos love, as do the customers. Many casinos will offer you a bonus or promotion, or voucher, which grants you extra money upon your first deposit, provided that you comply with the terms of service. Each promotion has its own rules, some being stricter and region-locked, for example. There are other online carnival games, however, which do not require you to bet money.

Classic Carnival Games

There are many games which you can play which are carnival-related. Hit the hammer to ring the bell is one of the classics, a popular one featured in many games as a mini-game, or as a standalone game which is great to pass the time.

Carniball is another similar game, a variation of the famous basketball game where you have balls cycling through and you have to hit as many hoops as you can during a limited time period.

Carnival Showdown is a great example of a themed game. You get to shoot various targets at a carnival, as you would at a real carnival. The more targets you hit, the more points you hit, getting triple the points if you hit a cowboy target. There are many missions so try your luck and aim.

Carnival Shooter is another similar game where you shoot targets to earn points. The game is a bit simpler than its similarly named competitor, yet they remain different enough for you to try them both out.

Carnival Slacking is a different approach to a carnival game. Sara wants to enjoy the carnival but has to ditch work to do it. Can you help her have fun and not get caught?

Baby Hazel Carnival Fair puts you in grandpas shoes where you have to take Baby Hazel to the carnival. It is a management game, with some point and click and drag actions, but should suffice for a carnival lover who needs a pastime.

Ferris Wheel lets you shoot bubbles at a wheel which rotates with each shot. Destroy all the bubbles and pass the level.

Bonus Games

Mystery Case Files Madame Fate

This game needs to be downloaded but is a hidden object carnival-themed game. If you like carnivals and mysteries, this is the game for you.

Sam & Max Hit the Road

This is another game which features a carnival and is a Lucas Arts adventure classic. Dry humor and carnivals, what more could you want?