How to dress for a carnival

There are 2 kinds of people at a carnival: those who dress up according to a specific theme and those who come in regular clothes. It takes a lot of self confidence to wear a costume, so we have to mention there are more people in the second category. This article is for those who want to be practical. Lets talk about some guidelines that will make you prepared to attend a carnival.

The first thing to consider is where the carnival takes place. If its in the UK or some other rainy place, take a plastic raincoat with you. It costs a couple of pounds and its folded to fit a regular sized pocket. This will help you stay dry.

As for footwear, a carnival is no place for flimsy sandals or flip flops. These events tend to be crowded and you can easily get yourself injured by having someone step on your feet in the agglomeration. Besides, going back to the stay dry argument, its best to wear something with a certain degree of impermeability.

No heels either, you dont want to have sore feet or worse from all the hours you spend standing because carnivals dont involve a lot of seating down. Ideally, you should choose something thats stylish, comfortable and appropriate to the weather outside. That being said, always check the weather forecasts before deciding what to wear to a carnival.

Depending on your outfit, its best to get a large bag or even better, a backpack with you. This will make it harder for thieves to steal your valuables. They cant just grab your purse and run because of the crowd, so theyll go for pickpocketing. Moreover, the bag comes in handy to store a few essentials like your wallet and phone, hand sanitizer, tissues, wet wipes, a killer lipstick and even a small jacket if the weather gets colder.

Its best to wear layers so that you can add one more or take one off whenever you need. For example, go with an airy blouse and a jacket, or a t-shirt and a sweater, whatever makes you feel more comfortable and matches with your desired outfit.