The Festival of Fire and Light

Inspired by the British celebration of Guy Fawkes Night and the Hindu Festival of Lights (the so called Diwali), this carnival takes place in Wembley Park, London on October 28th, 2017. The entry is free and the event is family friendly, so dont be afraid to bring your kids. They are sure to have fun.

You will enjoy Asian foods, theatre representations and music performances, as well as lantern processions. The sky will definitely be lit up over the Wembley Stadium that night. Thousands of people will have an amazing time and will enjoy the emotional moment when all the lanterns are lit up and sent into the sky. Some say you are letting go of bad thoughts while others say its about putting your hopes and dreams in the hands of fate. Either way, it can mean whatever you want it to even if its just about looking at a colored paper balloon that goes up into the sky until you can no longer see the little fire inside.

Up to this moment, no more information has been released about the Festival of Fire and Light but its safe to assume its going to be a blast. The people who organized The London Mela on September 3rd will take care of this carnival too. The London Mela is the largest South Asian festival in Europe, so one can expect to have a real Asian experience at the Festival of Fire and Light in late October.

Between now and then, you have one more event to check out, organized by the same people: the Croydon International Mela that takes place on September 30th in Wandle Park. The theme is also related to South Asian culture but with more emphasis on traditional cuisine. You will still see international artists perform in dance and music shows.