Most Interesting Carnival Game Ideas

Carnivals get you all excited and get your creativity flowing? You are not alone. We too become giddy with joy when its time to attend a carnival, so we do our best to thoroughly prepare beforehand, paying attention to the smallest details.

But what happens when there is no carnival in sight for a long time? You can fill up the time with other exciting activities, like learning how to bet at Pinnacle or organizing your own carnival with carnival style games.

Although nowadays carnivals are few and far between, the games are still familiar to anyone who’s recently attended a county fair or school picnic. In this post, we have put together a short list of the most interesting carnival games, so maybe you can get some inspiration for your next carnival-themed birthday party or a school or church carnival.

Milk Can – The idea of this game is simple: toss a softball into a 10-gallon metal milk can from a line about four to six feet from the can. Sounds quite easy, but this is actually one of the toughest games at any carnival or fair because these big jugs have holes that are only slightly larger than the softball itself and your accuracy has to be pinpoint perfect.

The secret to winning Milk Can is to give the ball a bit of backspin and hit the back of the cans rim.

Rope Ladder is another carnival game that looks a lot easier than it is. After all, the games principle is quite simple you have to climb up a small horizontal ladder. Its apparent simplicity makes it an addictive game at carnivals, but in reality things are not that simple. And if you have tried the rope ladder game, you know things can get shaky sometimes.

The angled rope ladder has nine rungs you have to climb in order to ring the bell at the top, and both ends of the ladder are suspended over pivoting pulleys. So you have to keep perfect balance the entire way up the ladder, otherwise youll find yourself thrown upside-down.

High Striker/ Hammer Swing is one of the most popular attractions at carnivals. Many people, especially men, have tested their strength with it, either to win a stuffed doll for their girlfriends or to win the right to brag about beating their buddies. How it works? You are supposed to hit a pad with a heavy hammer or mallet in order to launch a small puck up a track along the tower.

Ring Toss is a game that is pretty self-explanatory rings are tossed around a peg and is very popular at carnivals. A variant of this game, sometimes referred to as ring-a-bottle, replaces pegs with bottles, where the thrower will win the bottleor its contents if successful. This can be very tough to win, but there is a secret that might help you: dont flip the rings like coins; try to put a little spin on them and toss them low and horizontally, like you would a Frisbee.

Wheel of Fortune. I dont think there is anyone who doesnt know this game. This is a quiteunequalgame of chance, played using a large verticalwheelthat can be spun in order to determine a prize.