What Are Casino Carnival Games

Carnival games is a term used for niche casino games. It separates them from Blackjack, Roulette or any other main table games. Many online casinos have them in their catalogue and offer nice bonuses to get you started such as bonuscode-nj.com. There are two important traits that make a game a carnival game. First is the fact that is usually made for fun and entertainment and not necessarily aimed at the serious type of gamblers. The second one would be the side bets or even a progressive jackpot, which can net you big wins. Some of the carnival games are brand new inventions, but the ones based on the original games often come with a twist.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker was invented in England during the 90s, and it combines the standard game of poker with the excitement of casino games to create this carnival game. As players got more familiar with poker, the popularity of Three Card Poker increased as well. The most appealing thing to it is its simplicity. It is played like a standard game of poker except with three cards. The goal of the game is to bet or fold based on your cards and beat the dealer. It is often played with side bets and the most popular one of those would be the pairs plus bet.

Let It Ride

This carnival game is a variation of a five-card stud. It involves playing with three player cards and two community cards which are initially dealt face down. What distinguishes this game apart from the others is that it allows their players to withdraw their bet as the game continues. The second is that players are not playing against the other players nor the dealer.

Pal Gow Poker

Back in the 1800s, the Chinese helped build the U.S. railroads and with them, they brought the Pal Gow domino game. It is believed thats how the Pal Gow Poker game originated. Pal Gow is known for its slow rate which results in a game of low risk. Every player plays against the dealers hand. It results in the whole table to often either win or lose together making it an interactive and fun social game. When it comes to the actual gameplay, the way you play most hands is rather straight-forward, and it doesnt take much to learn the proper way of playing the others.

Fun Over Profit

There are many carnival games with many different twists or bonuses around. When it comes to the gambling odds, the house edge looks more tempting with the main table games. However, if you are looking for entertaining games then the carnival games should be your games of choice!